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I use Sibelius software to compose and I can also make final copies for you, if you are a composer who would rather write with a pen or pencil and leave the computer stuff to someone else. I can't offer a set price per page because, between the sparse notation required for a book of children songs and the dense notation required for a Mahleresque symphony, there are too many variables. I have made an example using the first few measures from Mozart's Symphony no. 40 in G minor and it can be seen here.

Sibelius will ask you to download their Scorch software so that you can see the score and hear it. You will be prompted on the download twice. If you are a composer, this is good software to have. You can also visit the Sibelius site and see other examples of things that can be done with Sibelius.


When I was at college getting my degree in Jazz Piano Performance, I got a chance to study composition with a gifted composer, Howard Rovics. I wrote a Trio for Cello, Violin and Piano with his guidance and since then I have written an opera, a string quartet and many pieces for solo piano. Some of the songs I've written for children and beginners can be found at the piano lessons page. I would like to offer some recordings of the opera and string quartet, but I haven't gotten around to begging fellow musicians to play for free so I can record examples. If anyone wants to hear some of the more serious stuff, contact me and I will make a recording of the Sibelius Soundfile and I will E-mail an mp3 of the piece to you.

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