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Piano Lessons Build a Healthy Brain!

In the late 1990s and the early part of this century, there were many reports in the news that practicing piano helped to build a strong connection between the left (reasoning and mathematics) side and the right (creative and artistic) side of the brain. I believe this to be true and believe that everyone can benefit from the study of music because music itself has the power to open the mind.

I teach mostly children, but people of all ages have the ability to learn. If you are interested in piano lessons, E-mail me here

The most important factor in musical development is time and desire, whether or not the student is willing to put in the time to practice. The more the student practices, the more he or she is able to produce music. This stems from the fact that music is primarily a universal language that expresses our emotions. From Bach to Ravi Shankar and everything in between, music can bring us joy and sorrow better than any other artform.

Here are some songs that I wrote for the early to intermediate pianist to learn. Most of them were written keeping in mind that many pianists have smaller fingers than Serge Rachmaninoff. I tried to make the pieces simple but interesting so that a student might want to play them for recitals or even more importantly, for their own enjoyment. They come from two books that I self published: "15 Short Songs and Sonata in C" and "The Harry Potter Suite" (absolutely no relation to John Williams scores for the movies, these are fun little fantasy pieces I wrote two years before the movies came out.) There are also some pieces that are not in the two books, but I can easily print up copies for my students.

Sara's Cakewalk This is a piece I wrote for a wonderful friend from Iran. She loves the music of Scott Joplin and she wanted her own Ragtime piece.

Hogwart's Express This is from my Harry Potter Suite

Bagatelle This is a very simple song with lots of chromatic leading tones. I play it a second time an octave higher because it is so short.

Chopinesque A simple prelude to the beautiful E flat Nocturne by Chopin. But in no way a substitution! You should be able to play this a year or two earlier than the Chopin.

Etude Another simple piece, this one uses Sixths and a simple C Major scale

Lament This is slow piece in a minor key for tiny hands.

Dream of India This is a song that uses a traditional Indian scale in the best way my Western ears could come up with. I wrote it for a wonderful student who was from India and she liked it because it reminded her of India.

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