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August 4th 2012

I Can't Seem To Find Myself Just me playing and singing back in 2000. Song was written in 1983. silly song, really.

Words and Music

I have a CD out since 1996. It is a sort of Folk Rock thing that I did with some guys that I played Jazz with and two singers who I sang with, performing three part harmony versions of songs by Bob Marley, the Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and a whole mess of songs that I wrote. The Musicians were Kurt Berglund and Phil Bannette on Drums, Pat Lavery on Bass, and Phil Forbes on Guitar. The singers were Amanda Wood and Ondrea Milo. The whole album has 13 tracks.

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Baby It's All Right This was a fun one. I asked Phil to play like drunk pedal steel player. Purposely a little off kilter, sort of an inside joke.

Codependant Lover True story, well, you don't need to know all the gory details. But in the course of the breakup she told me I was a "LYRE" !!?? (Liar?) Oh, well. At least she didn't call me a lute!

Simple Minded Fool Wrote this in the 1980s after listening to too much Talking Heads and Frank Zappa. (There's no such thing as too much Zappa!)

Watch the Catnip Mouse Video on Youtube!

Catnip Mouse

Catnip Mouse

The Political Album

This 11 song home studio project is in reaction to what I think is a very poorly thought out foreign policy decision by Dubayah. I played and sang almost every note on the album. Two friends contributed, Tim Sway on the song below, and Karl Schwichtenberg played guitar on the other song below and very nice lead guitar on three country style pieces on the CD. At this point it is not commercially available except by special request.

A Child Lay Dying The timeless question of why when the presidents and generals decide to go to war, so many children and innocents have to die. My buddy, bassist/composer Tim Sway on his Fender Bass. I programmed the drums for this one and played piano, the lead guitar solo and sang all the voices.

A Day in the News Strangely, I wrote this back in 2004 and it's still relevant. Lead guitar solo and some of the rhythm guitar is Karl Schwichtenberg, the drums are my crappy programming, and the rest of the guitars, bass, keyboards and voices are all me.

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